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American Collectors Association International
This is an attempt to collect a debt and any information obtained will be used for that purpose. This communication is from a debt collector.

Collection Solutions Mayfair Solutions

Mayfair Solutions, a division of CompleteCare, Inc., provides a proven method for recovering your bad debt. We offer high quality collection services including a professional staff, state-of-the art collection assistance programs, collection letters, calls, and skip tracing.

We also offer a bit more…

  • Mayfair Solutions uses a 30 day billing cycle. As soon as we receive accounts from you, we begin working the account; a statement goes to the customer the next business day or sooner.
  • Mayfair Solutions maintains a professional staff. All of our collectors must be certified through the ACA International after nine months of employment. We also have a Safeguard Team to insure that our company remains in compliance with all Federal & State collection laws.
  • Mayfair Solutions provides monthly reports. Along with monthly payments, we provide comprehensive reports that outline correction memos, accounts listed, and phone or address changes.
  • Mayfair Solutions provides account information daily per your request. If you need to know the most recent status of an account, simply call for a current report.
  • Mayfair Solutions charges no up-front fees. We charge on a contingency basis only, meaning we're not getting paid unless we're recovering dollars for you. Our "discount", the percentage of dollars collected that we retain, is negotiable with volume.
  • Mayfair Solutions is in its third decade of effective service. We've been here a while, performing collection services for organizations nationwide.

...and bringing results

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